Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some pre-coffee crankiness

Forgive me if I seem extra cranky today. Actually, I don't care if you forgive me or not. Because it's cold in my house, I'm still jetlagged, I'm tired because I haven't had any coffee yet, and I'm too tired to make coffee (terrible, I know). 

Today's crankiness is brought to you by:

Sarah Palin's current rants about the sexist media and how it hurt her chances at becoming elected.

I will certainly agree with her that perhaps the media hasn't exactly been super kind to her (in some cases perhaps more than kind). She's been speaking up a lot lately, defending herself and placing a lot of blame on others for what went wrong. Regarding her expensive wardrobe, she laments her frustration at being judged for what she wears. She wants to know why no one is asking what Obama's wearing but everyone is giving her a hard time. 

What makes me mad is not because I believe she's wrong. Okay, her wardrobe did sound kind of outrageous, but it's true that those questions haven't really been turned on Obama (although we did question how many cars and houses McCain owns). What bothers me is that when she was first nominated, she accused Hillary Clinton of being a whiner. Apparently, Hillary was holding women back by mentioning that women politicians tend to be hit harder by media pressure. She claims that Hillary has done herself a "disservice" by drawing attention to herself and that fact, and so has also hindered progress for women in America. Hillary was hindering progress. The woman who didn't have the McCain campaign protecting her every movement and telling the media she wasn't "ready" for interviews. The woman who actually made us believe that maybe one day the US could actually have a woman president.*

*Side note: Why was it, that when Obama won the candidacy over Hillary, that the media erupted with a frenzy over what a historic event it was? Yes, it was historic and really awesome for our country that a black man won it, but wouldn't it have been equally historic if Hillary had won it? The whole thing boggled my mind, and still does.

The Daily Show did a funny piece about Sarah Palin a couple of nights ago. I guess she's not just bringing the fact that she's a woman into the equation, but also her class status and the fact that she's a Republican. If she'd been running as a Democrat, things would have been a lot better for her. Oh really? 

Let me ask you a question Sarah, would you like some cheese with that whine? Maybe I'm wrong here (which I'm not), but aren't you doing exactly what you didn't like Hillary doing?  Shut up or admit that Hillary was right. 

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